2019 Wharton Youth Rally

The 2019 annual youth rally at the Apostolic Faith Church in Wharton, New Jersey, was held April 26-28. The guest speaker, Olusola Adesope, the pastor in Pullman, Washington, attended with his wife, Tolu. Other attendees came from Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts, New York, and Washington D.C. The focus was “Digging Deeper,” and the theme song was “Deeper, Deeper, in the Love of Jesus.”

On Friday evening, the service began with Samuel Odulaja playing “The Heart of Worship” on the saxophone, followed by the youth choir singing “I Bless Your Name” and “Alpha and Omega.” Several testified of God’s power to save from sin, heal, protect, and keep. Before the sermon, Michelle Bare sang “Psalm 42.” Brother Olusola took his text from Matthew 5:6, and admonished the congregation to denounce sin and let God increase their spiritual appetite.

Before breakfast on Saturday morning, Taku Mhundwa led the prayer meeting, encouraging the young people to examine themselves and seek the deeper things of God. The prayer session concluded with a video clip challenging everyone to “dare to trust that God loves each one without reservation.” Later, Brother Olusola gave a Bible teaching engaging the young people in discussion questions to buttress the theme and encourage them to lay a strong spiritual foundation on the Rock, Christ Jesus. A pyramid of the Bible doctrines taught by the Apostolic Faith Church was built with boxes to highlight the framework that promotes unity throughout all our churches.

On Saturday afternoon, the young people gathered for a barbeque lunch, followed by a Bible Bowl/Jeopardy session led by Olutayo Ajayi. That evening, a testimony and praise service featured vocal and instrumental selections from various young people. Brother Olusola used Luke 19:30-31 for his text. He expressed his joy at seeing the young people using their talents for the Lord, but pointed out how much more important it is to live above sin and dig deeper into their relationships with God. A good prayer meeting followed, and the presence of God could be felt throughout the sanctuary. The evening concluded with a time of singing praises to God.

The sanctuary was full for the Sunday morning service, with over one hundred in attendance. The orchestra opened the service with a rendition of the theme song, after which the choir sang “All Are Welcome.” Later, the choir sang “Dig a Little Deeper.” Daniel Tetteh read the Scripture reading from Luke 5:1-7, and before the sermon, Akinola Ogunleye, Joel Oni, Joshua Odumosu, Femi Adebayo, Daniel Adewoyin, and Samuel Obatusin sang a medley. Brother Olusola read Luke 5:4 for his text, and spoke about the benefits of having Jesus show up. He stated that most people do not like it when visitors show up unannounced, but when Jesus shows up, it is always a good thing. However, in order for Jesus to show up, one must prepare himself to be obedient and willing to wholeheartedly follow Jesus.

The Sunday evening service began with an a cappella ensemble, “Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome,” followed by an instrumental duet by Tobi and Paul Odulaja. The choir sang “Don’t Say No to Jesus.” Before the testimony portion of the service, the men’s choir sang “In the Sweet Forever.” Before the message, Brother Samuel sang a solo. Brother Olusola read John 5:1-8, and after recounting the story of the man at the pool of Bethsaida, he encouraged the congregation to make their requests known unto God with the assurance that their prayers will be answered.

During the weekend, souls were saved, and many indicated that they had been blessed in one way or another. The youth rally was beyond expectations, and the prayer is that God will keep all who attended until Jesus returns.